DVLA Crackdown on Classic Car Ages

Agency tells owners to prove their cars’ histories, or they’ll get Q-registrations. The DVLA is investigating owners of classic cars with Historic Vehicle status and demanding they send evidence to prove that their cars qualify for it – but won’t reveal the scale of its activities. The agency has been sending letters to owners asking them to send information to prove their cars qualify for the tax-free category for pre vehicles. In one of the letters, the agency warns that it may issue the owner of a Bugatti with a ‘Q’ regiatration plate, depending on the quality of information it receives. John Vale, Vehicle Registration Policy team leader, said in the letter: ‘Initial investigations have confirmed that some historic vehicles have been built using replica or replacement parts, or a mixture of period and new components, and have therefore been incorrectly registered. The DVLA requires information about the provenance, construction and origin of your vehicle – you should provide it. If any amendments are needed, these will be made and a new vehicle registration certificate issued. This could involve the issue of a new vehicle regiatration number – and in some cases Individual Vehicle Approval may be required or a Q registration number may be appropriate. Classic Car Weekly understands that so far around letters have been sent out – primarily to owners of Bugattis and other pre-WW2 cars – and that the DVLA is not planning a blanket initiative covering all Historic Vehicle owners. The DVLA has confirmed to CCW that it is sending letters to Historic Vehicle owners in order to investigate if their vehicles are eligible for the status, but did not respond to requests for information on the scale of the initiative.

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I have now been the elected committee member to liaise with the DVLA on behalf of club members for many years. To re- claim an original number can be and normally is a very lengthy process. Applications can be made at any time but the vehicle must be complete.

Even when presented with evidence of date of first registration the DVLA are now asking for evidence of the date of manufacture. UPDATE 17th SEPTEMBER.

The document should be a sales receipt dated before , archive document or Authenticated Copy of the original registration information or original Buff or Green Log Book or authenticated copy. If you do not wish to send original documents to DVLA , send a photocopy AND the original to me and I can stamp and sign the copies as authenticated copies.

These will be accepted by DVLA. Many Councils destroyed their records as instructed by DVLA upon computerization of registrations but others did not and some records found their way into private trusts or collections. When applying for authenticated copies from record offices, archives , trusts or private collections , ensure that the information contains the VIN. Please note that numbers prefixed with IGM, GM or OM are not frame numbers but may be included with your submitted information as an additional means of identifying the machine.

If you have any documentation including a foreign registration number, this should be included with your application. Dating Certificates. All being well an Age Related Registration Number will be allocated.

Dating Certificates

Sign up to the Carbuyer newsletter. The V5C is a paper document issued by the DVLA to the registered keeper of a vehicle and is used to confirm proof of ownership and the specific details of a vehicle. A majority of the administration required for car ownership, like and your driving licence counterpart, is now digital, but the V5C remains a physical document that is likely to be with us for the foreseeable future.

without first contacting the DVLA and your insurance provider. 1. may be occasions where a customer is asked to provide evidence of the date of manufacture.

Quickly exit this site by pressing the Escape key Escape key not available with JavaScript disabled Leave this site. This means an officer had reasonable grounds to believe that the driver was uninsured or was not driving in accordance with their driving licence. If your vehicle has been seized for this reason the driver should have received a form seizure notice.

To reclaim your vehicle you must go to the correct pound and bring the correct documents which are listed below. If you took out the policy after the vehicle was seized then you must also declare relevant pending convictions. It’s a serious criminal offence to fail to declare the correct material facts or to give false information when getting insurance. This can render your insurance invalid.

Providing proof of identity for a driving licence

You do not need to pay vehicle tax if your vehicle was built before 1 January If you do not know when your vehicle was built, but it was first registered between 1 and 7 January , you do not have to pay vehicle tax. If your vehicle was built after this date, up to 31 December , you will need to wait until 1 April However, it is your responsibility to ensure it is kept fully roadworthy.

This letter is produced primarily to assist the DVLA in allocating an age related Photographic evidence of the VIN/Chassis Number and if possible, Engine.

Log in or Sign up. Ok, burocracy strikes again. Even though I sent my original Trabant service book pages containing VIN chassis number , DDR number plate details, date of first registration, and dealer stamped dated service details, photos of my car chassis plate with matching details, they still want further dating evidence. In their words, “If the vehicle manufacturer is no longer in existence we will consider accepting dating evidence from an alternative reliable source such as a vehicle owners club or enthusiasts club.

So who is the person to approach to get some dating evidence to satisfy DVLA? Has anyone on this forum recently been successful by doing this? Steve , May 11, I seem to remember Justin in america saying he could also help. Geoff Armitage did my barkas letter but he died recently however i’m sure Simon will help with a suitable letter. There are private firms that will date your car for you but you would have to pay John Rushbrooke did mine.

Don’t know if he’s still doing them?

Vehicle registration

Skip to content. If you want to apply for a photocard driving licence, you may need to provide some form of identification. If this is your first NI licence, or if you are changing your name or correcting your date of birth on your existing licence, you must provide valid identity documents. If you need to provide identity documents, they must be originals.

DVA will not accept photocopies or laminated certificates.

DVLA are going to use the date for purposes of establishing car’s They have also confirmed that if I get more accurate dating evidence.

You need a Crit’Air sticker or ‘clean air certificate’ if you are driving in cities. You will need only the vehicle registration number. This is a 3rd party data provision service. Look up UK Road Tax amounts You will need the vehicle registration number and make. Vehicle registration help and services, forms and advice. For all cars and 2 wheelers, Quad Bikes and all other vehicles. Any vehicle, any origin We advise on all DVLA matters. C lick here.

Registering a vehicle in the UK? We will also send you instructions and advice on what to do next.

What is a V5C? everything you need to know about the logbook

Finally, This process must be done as soon as possible after the vehicle enters the UK. If it not done there is a potential danger of a fine issued by HMRC. The DVLA have updated the rules with regard to registering a used vehicle either being imported into the UK or indeed already here but being registered for the first time or being re-registered after being brought back into the UK. Even when presented with evidence of date of first registration the DVLA are now asking for evidence of the date of manufacture.

Please remember that vehicles less than ten years old will need a certificate of conformity homologation which can only be acquired from the manufacturer.

The DVLA would then assess whether the date of manufacture was indeed a letter from the DVLA requesting you provide evidence of your vehicles age.

Please Note : By submitting your Dating or V application to us, you consent to us holding your personal data on this basis. LCGB will replace out of date letters, providing they are post 1st July REO onwards , without the need to supply further rubbings or photos. Any letters pre July , which will be in the old format, and ones which have other changes ie: name change etc, will need to re visit the first registrations route.

Please note that we can not do replacement letters for those which are from other organisations. DO NOT email or text your applications as these will not be processed. Please note that if you are using any of the external professional registrations services to register your Lambretta which are advertised widely, it is advisable to obtain your L. Dating Letter first before submission to them as they may use a rival authentication service or one which is not authorised to do so.

Please include a short covering letter with your name, address including postcode and a contact telephone no, and your Membership No if you are a member.

Paying vehicle tax by Direct Debit